SW-UP partners in Romania for the project’s third coordination meeting

//SW-UP partners in Romania for the project’s third coordination meeting

SW-UP partners in Romania for the project’s third coordination meeting

Last week, on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13th of November 2018, all the partners of SW-UP project met in Ramnicu Sarat, in Romania, for the third coordination meeting.

The first day was devoted to share and exchange suggestion on the pilot programmes that the Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese partners are developing in their countries. The morning of the second day was devoted to synchronize all the partners on the participatory assessment of pilot programmes, SW-UP general evaluation and the online forum. On the afternoon, partners debated on 2 topics that will feed the guidelines on women friendly urban environment for outdoor physical activity, they shared their plans for the multiplier events and took some decisions for the last event that will be held in Brussels around June 2019.

A variety of activities has emerged from partners presentations of their pilot programs. Most of them offer courses characterized by women-friendly schedule (for example during lunch time for employed women), a strategic location (for example nearby job or in the same building where women’ children play sport), children related services (surveyed playground for children nearby the course venue) and strong feel of belonging and mutual aid. Thanks to these measures, a genuine SW-UP mania took place in Corbetta (IT) and many appreciations raised from women participating to the training in Granollers (SP). The Portuguese partners will also propose story telling sessions in order to raise awareness around women that play sport despite hard constraints as a very busy life, a disease or an advanced age.  Sharing the pilot programmes allowed partners to receive feedbacks and exchange ideas around women’ needs and communication channels. and target’s needs.

The 2 debates taking place on the second day gave the partners the chance to discuss about the local impact generated by outdoor sport activities and the desirability of only-for-women sport activities. The very lively debate and the diversity of partners’ position fostered partners’ comprehension of the topic’s sensitivity and thrilled them to furtherly discuss it via the online forum.

SW-UP is a project that started in January 2018 and will finish in June 2019 with the aim of promoting women-friendly urban environment for outdoor sport activities. This objective will be reached by drafting guidelines, creating a community of practice and putting in place pilot women-friendly outdoor activities. More information about the news of the project can be found on the latest newsletter

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