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    I started to join the project SPORTS FOR WOMAN IN URBAN PLACES, which takes place every Sunday, where women’s sport is organized in curiosity, meeting the challenges. Here I find that you can be a child at any age through group games, this framework has given rise to exchanges of ideas in assimilating new knowledge in a different context than the usual one. I have continued and am glad to hear that it will not stop there, will have continuity through various other manifestations such as walking cycling, tennis, hiking, etc.
    In the absence of this project I would not have lived this unique experience and on this path I want to thank those who thought about us when we did less. The women’s sport in this group is a positive example for our children, who has encouraged women from “simple” women to business women, from teachers to women aged 2, has united, making it possible in this context for free talks and new friends, but most importantly, we has gathered together women from all walks of life together to find a pleasant and healthy way to socialize and move.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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