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    1. How local impact generated by outdoor sport activities can be identified and evaluated?
    First of all, the movement and the energy of the community depends on the number and activities which involves a mass of people for a general scope. Regarding communities, a city without sport, is a poor city, without soul and human perspectives. The number of people participating, the number of activities implemented and their diversity, the number of entities at local level, the degree of municipality involvement and institutions, the number and quality of the strategies and attention offered to sport, the number of partners and the complexity of the partnership are important indicators to be evaluated. Questionnaires, feedback, debriefings, group reflection, games. On the other hand, the impact can be evaluated considering the evolution of the mentalities, the implementation of the scopes and objectives, achieving the directions and common visions.

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    Regarding the situation in Ramnicu Sarat and especially in Romania, the legislation in the last period of time supports the equality and the access of women in executive positions at local level. Moreover, in our city in the last 3 years, once with an increased awareness regarding the benefits of the mass sports, many women starting with the age of 13-14 years started to practice a sport. For that, cycling, running are very popular among youngsters, even if the city does’t support with a specific infrastructure their needs. On the other hand, regarding women, for the moment indoor and outdoor activities as Pilates, Zumba, Kangoo Jumps, Aerobics, have become very popular, together with working with specialized trainers in order, on the one hand to practice in a correct way a sport and on the other hand to follow a healthy lifestyle. Regarding the specificity of the sport entities, in Ramnicu Sarat we have 2 such as structures: Local Sport Club, which involves aprox. 100 girls in sports as: handball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, karate. The most important structure is still Onix Athletic Club, the only women club playing in the second romanian league, with important chances to promote in the first league, one which already generates motivation and desire among girls and women from the city. The already became models for the feminine part of the community. In the same time, men are following their activity and in the same time promoting their work and results. Stil, regarding the coordination, even if we don’t have any barriers of restriction, there are not women working in coordination. On the other hand, in Ramnicu Sarat exists 5 gyms where, each of the have specialized women trainers. They are working with women, being recognized at local level as models, exemples of motivation.

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    RAMNICU SARAT in context:
    Ramnicu Sarat is a medium size city in Romania, where starting with the age of 7 years old, every family can send their children to practice a sport in Local Sport Club. From a youth population of about 5.000 people, more than 500 are part of the local club in sports as: football, handball, basketball, volleyball. Still, even if the municipality invests in the youth of the city, in sport annually about 600.000 euros the feminine part is not very well represented, not more than 100 from 500 sportive being girls, and without any team in the first 3 romanian divisions. Still, in our city perform ONIX Atletic Club, a women football team playing in the second romanian league.
    Regarding the mass sports, in the last 10 years the involvement of the NGOs was important in order to generate activities and actions to support mass sport, even if more than 80% of them were dedicated to boys. In the same time, analyzing the infrastructure, only a few things changed, by appearing new sport gyms, but without a serious intervention on the outdoor sport fields. Because of that, problems as sedentary, uninterested, and other social bad behaviors as intolerance, the lack of teamwork attitudes are missing. Still, in the last 2 years, the municipality offered a better attention to the infrastructure, by designing new fields through European projects which were applied, so more than 5 million euros will be invested in the next period in rehabilitation or building infrastructures for mass sports, especially in the marginal areas of the city. This decision came after 10 public consultations with more than 300 people from the areas, which together designed by a participatory process, the new investments.
    – How would you like to be supported by the local municipality in order to increase your involvement in mass sport?
    The municipality is the essential entity which could help for the development of the community and also the sport community. Even if, comparing with other communities, the municipality invests much in professional sports and less in mass sport, the situation has to be changed. The Romanian legislation offers to the municipalities the only way to finance mass sports, indoor and outdoor by a law – 350, which supports the NGOs and the local initiative groups with juridical personality. Still, their intervention is not a big deal, as the needs of the majority of the population are not solved and the impact of the municipality in the mass sports is less, both for women and men. For that, the desired support for the next period in order to increase the involvement in mass sports can be generated through:
    – Creating a local action plan, which can be generated by SWUP SUSRAMNICUL women group
    – Public meetings, debates and consultations to involve women from the community, models and interested women to practice a sport, together with women which are already practicing in a free way a mass sport
    – By generating an agenda of formal and non-formal activities. Our municipality has a specialized department called: Monitoring and implementation of sport and educational programs and every year generates an agenda of more than 10 activities. There are sport competitions as: football, handball, beach volley, running, and the majority of the action are happening during the Days of the city in august. Still, there is a lot of space to do new activities, one of the first actions being to increase the number of people working on the field, in the office, in order to generate a bigger number of activities and also to ensure a strong evaluation for the needs of the community. Regarding women, the municipality now doesn’t have a specific program to implement actions only for women in a city in which men are naturally motivated, women being more directed to the traditional ways of spending the free time. Still in the last year, in the city appeared different opportunities and more than 300 women started to do: Pilates, Zumba, kangoo jumps, aerobics, or specific programs in specialized gyms. In this way, the municipality can implement local projects to follow these models and in the same to promote models of women practicing mass sports in the community.
    – Another measure can be to elaborate strategies regarding the mass sports following the distribution of actions on gender: activities for men, for women and combined. In this way, the municipality could apply for a European project or could create a local team of initiative. In the last months, the mayor of the city already started an important campaign with more than 200 teachers in order to motivate them first of all to practice mass sports and on the second time to motivate youngsters to follow sport activities.
    – Different campaigns for informing and making people aware about the importance of mass sports on the health, education, inclusion, changing mentalities. In the Youth Strategy elaborated at local level, the mentality of people was touched as being the most important problem at local level. In the same time, the uninterested of people was the second important problem of the community, both of them having important effects on the practicing of mass sports at local level.
    – Another measure can be to offer different facilities to people which proves that are practicing a mass sport or offering free access to different sport areas
    – By financing more activities, as for organizing activities you need money.
    – By generating and implementing local, regional and European projects in order to increase the participation and the specific of the activities.
    – Which will be the most important infrastructure investments that you consider fundamental in order to restart the mass sport framework at local level, with an impact on women involvement?
    – For Ramnicu Sarat it is no doubt that the most important infrastructure update is to build mass sport fields in all the areas of the city. Now, Ramnicu Sarat is divided in 6 areas, which now any of them doesn’t have a field. So, for running everyone is going to the local stadium, with no strong facilities. For that, the municipality already applied and won 3 european projects which will consist in creating 6 integrated fields, in all the places of the city, offering to people, men and women the chance to practice in a free way a mass sport.
    – Another important investment as a priority for the municipality is to invest in schools and in the sport fields from inside of them. This is already a project designed on three years.
    – What kind of activities would you like to be organized and what human resources do you need for it?
    As in the city there are not very big events and it is not a “culture” to practice sports, there are two directions to be followed. First of all the city, as every city who want to be known for its investment in sport, has to have a BIG EVENT in order to attract people from all over the around places. In the second time, in order to attract people from different backgrounds, with different needs, there should be organized activities on every category, including women, elders, youngsters, lovers of football, running, cycling, fitness, etc. For that return to the need to have a local mass sport strategy, consulted by an important number of women and men, in which to be designed, with their specific contributions, the future activities, projects and directions on mass sport in the community.
    Other important activities are:
    – Sport competitions
    – Mass sport events
    – Consultations and debates on different topics
    Regarding the human resources we need trainers and facilitator together with volunteers and youth workers. Right now, the majority of the activities, locals and European projects are designed and implemented by the NGOs, following the need of youngsters to be involved and to develop competences. In this way, NGOs are very important together with sport institutions as Local Municipal Club though trainers.
    Another important activity to be organized has to involve schools, for that sport teachers can have a centered place.
    In the same timp the group of mothers and Femina Elders club can generate and implement sport activities, having more than 500 members.
    Regarding the European projects which can be attracted, the coordinators, project managers, technicians and specialized mentors and youth workers are very important. Our community, being a medium one is passing a very big problem, considering that the majority of the youngsters, after the end of the high-schools goes to Bucharest and other bigger cities, and the specialists too.
    – What kind of policies do you feel needed in order to increase the women involvement in local sport field?
    First of all the most important would be to continue the effects of SWUP project in the community as this is the most important one, developed at local level until now and to continue SWUP WOMEN CLUB effects by implementing the agenda of activities which will be generated in the next period.
    In the same time, having a strategy for mass sport for involving in the same time, women and men, is very important as it can design a strategic plan in which the municipality, as coordinator, can generate a sustainable action plan to be implemented together with schools, NGOs, different gyms and professional associations, and why not with local public institutions which can offer a model and a good example.
    In the same time, regarding the women involvement, we need to give power and perspective to SWUP WOMEN CLUB and to generate new clubs at local level.
    – Who can be the partners / stakeholders of the local administration and civil society in order to increase the women involvement in sport field?
    In the last 3 years, as a representative of the municipality and also as a sport player, together with the mayor which is a former teacher and football coach, we succeeded to attract partners for the local development of sport phenomenon. In this way, more than 20 business companies co financed the football team until the point when we promoted in the third league. Right now, more than 15 companies are co-financing the activities of the local sport club on different branches ensuring equipment, transportation costs, camps, fees for participation to different events, accommodation. On very big success at local level in this way is the fact that ONIX Athletic Club is the only women team in Buzau region playing in the second women league, with very important chances to promote this year in the first league. This happens by a 70% contribution of 2 business companies and 30 % contributions of the Regional Council, by applying with irrecoverable project, every year. Following this, business companies has to be one of the first partners together with:
    – Schools
    – NGOs
    – Citizens
    – Regional and national entities
    – Sport clubs
    – What are your good examples that can be applied by the local municipality?
    – Onix women football team
    – More than 500 youngsters playing a sport in Municipal Club
    – Mass sport events generated in august during the Days of the City
    – NGOs implementing European exchanges and trainings on different topics, involving partners from all over the Europe.

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